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Holiday Inn Express TemeculaHoliday Inn Express Temecula is centrally located, only minutes away from Bailey Winery, Callaway Winery, Churon Winery, South Coast Winery, Thornton Winery, Wilson Creek Winery, and all of the Temecula Wine ...more

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La Quinta Inn & Suites TemeculaLocated just two miles from Old Town Temecula, the all-new La Quinta Inn & Suites Temecula is surrounded by antique shops, golf courses, wineries, and just about the half point between Los Angeles and ...more

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Temecula, located in California, is situated in the southwestern section of Riverside County. Featuring a population of over 100,000, Temecula is equidistant to important Californian areas like Orange County and San Diego.

Spanish missionaries founded the first white settlement in the latter part of the 18th century. Land grants were made to Mexicans Felix Valdez in the form of Rancho Temecula and to Vicente Morago in a parcel known as Rancho Pauba. In 1847, a massacre erupted due to deep unrest between the Mexican settlers and the Native American population, known as Luiseños. It resulted in somewhere between thirty to a hundred Luiseños being killed.

At the completion of the Mexican-American War, American settlers began to settle in the Temecula area. Consequently, relations between the settlers and the Native Americans continued to be hostile. Ultimately, the Native Americans were evicted in 1875.

In the 1850s, Temecula began to gain the trappings of a city. A post office was established, second in the state of California after San Francisco, and the town became a regular stop on a stagecoach line. Railroad service reached the Temecula area in 1877. Granite proved to be a big business in the late 19th century. Granite quarries were harvested and then shaped into necessary objects like building blocks and curbstones. Additionally, Temecula become known as a location for shipping cattle and grain.

Walter Vail moved to California from Nova Scotia and began to snap up land in Temecula. When the elder Vail was killed in an automobile accident, his son - Mahlon Vail - took over the family business and ranch.

The Vail family continued to add land to their holdings. By the late 1940s, they possessed close to 90,000 acres. Through the 1950s, Temecula's economic activities were closely intertwined with the Vail ranch, encompassing cattle and agriculture interests. In 1964, the Vail family relinquished their ranch and sold it to a development company. Once the I-15 highway, connecting San Diego and Los Angeles, was completed, Temecula began to attract interest as a suburban outpost. In 1989, the city became officially known as Temecula.

Its Mediterranean climate and proximity to the big cities of California, led to a building boom in the 1990s, underscored by reasonable housing prices and its nearness to popular wineries. Today, Temecula plays host to over thirty-five wineries and close to 4,000 acres of wine producing grapes.

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