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Promenade Temecula
The Promenade Temecula is a shopping mall filled with stores, restaurants, and special events. The numerous stores provide patrons with whatever they might need. Whether someone is a resident of Temecula and needs to update their wardrobe, or someone is visiting Temecula and needs gifts to bring back home, Promenade Temecula has all that you need. Here you can find clothes and shoes for the whole family, toys, sports goods, accessories, and much more.

Old Town Sweet Shop
Old Town Temecula is home to the Old Town Sweet Shop, where you can find all sorts of old-fashioned candy as well as fudge and several other hand-made sweets. Besides the candy, they also sell an array of gifts including candles, soaps, stationary, inspirational gifts, and jewelry. Whatever delicacy your sweet tooth is craving, you will be satisfied after a visit to the Old Town Sweet Shop.

Amari International
In Old Town Temecula you will also find Amari International, a one-stop place for all your bath and body products. Amari's soaps come in several varieties that all gently cleanse and soften skin. They also sell many scented sprays and perfumes, as well as body butters that come in both scented and unscented varieties. In this amazing little shop you will even find authentic dead sea beauty products including sea salts and mud masks. These high quality beauty products are full of minerals to heal and soothe your skin.

Princess Isabella Boutique
For the princess in your life, The Princess Isabella Boutique offers fairy costumes, hats, and many accessories to make any little girl's dream of dressing like a fairy princess come true. Their elaborate costumes are beautiful and are perfect for photo shoots, Halloween, parties, or just every day dress up. Every little girl wants to be a princess. Come to The Princess Isabella Boutique today and make that dream come true for that special little girl.

Stampin Post
The Stampin Post has all your stamping needs. They sell many types of stamps as well as markers and paper. Here you will find other art supplies as well such as artist's tools, embellishments for projects, and books with instructions for the budding artist. The Stampin Post also offers classes and special art events. Even if you are just visiting the area, you can still take advantage of these classes and events, as many of them last for only one day.

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